Nowadays, there is more interesting content right at your fingertips 24/7 than you could ever consume. We’re overwhelmed by sizes of reading lists, numbers of bookmarks and personal to watch and to listen later items. Eventually, we can’t remember why we’d saved them in the first place and why they were important. And it’s only gonna get worse. We will be spending ever increasing amounts of time to get anywhere near inbox zero.

That's why we built I T E M S Y. We did it, because:

🤯 All those reading lists and notes you're currently using are getting too long,

It should be up to you, not a newsfeed algorithm, when and how you consume content,

👍 The process of content selection and consumption should not be driven by advertising money, but in-person recommendations.

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Piotr Grudzień - Technology

Dominik Posmyk - Product

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